Saving Mr.Albertan Grizzly


Photo of a grizzly bear by (

Let’s say you are living in a gigantic mansion and consuming the most delicious dishes. One day, terrorists attack your place, stealing everything and bombing your place. How would you feel?

How would grizzly bears feel?  The “cute” bears in Alberta, Canada. are under massive threat from humans. Their shelters are degrading because of forestry and coal-mining. To make matters worse, the bears are digging their own hole by trying to forage on places near roads and regenerating forests, where their powerful enemies are ready for massacre.

These bears luckily may be helped by a groundbreaking study of the grizzly bears conducted by a group of researchers. They used cool techniques such as satellite-imaging as well as statistical models to perform a study that suggests a possible solution to saving our precious species. We can now understand how human intervention can affect the grizzly bear population throughout different space and time.

Surprisingly, the study shows that humans have mixed effects on the bear population. The areas with less human influence had greater population.  The areas that were less disturbed by humans’ neighborhoods led to greater bear population. More regenerating forests also meant more population because the forests can serve as their forage.

How about converting ourselves from terrorists into saviors by creating more areas with no humans’ existence and more areas for feeding the bears?



Source: Linke, Julia. “Relationships between grizzly bears and human disturbances in a rapidly changing multi-use forest landscape.” Biological Conservation. 166. (2013): 54-63. Web. 29 Oct. 2013. <;.

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